8th April 2016




  • Programmatic Is Not A Media Channel
    In headline after headline, the word “programmatic” is often followed by the words “fraud,” “viewability” or “transparency concerns.” An outsider to the ad industry could be forgiven for thinking that “programmatic buying” is the Madison Avenue equivalent of using electronic trading to trade subprime mortgage securities.

  • Spotify and Pandora Are Changing the Programmatic Tune for Advertisers
    Amazing content, ultra-engaged audiences, massive distribution and 6.4 billion Internet-connected devices globally suggest a compelling future for audio advertising. Programmatic, especially, is in a prime position to deliver relevant messages to that global audience of active listeners—without killing the vibe.


  • Seismic Changes Come To Sizmek’s Stack
    Sizmek is in the process of improving its ad-serving platform that is going to be more cloud-based. The new Sizmek MDX-NXT will be a changer because the platform will improve the overall ad-serving workflow by reducing the time to set up campaigns.