19th February 2016


  • Instagram Will Start Displaying Video Views
    Instagram announced that it will start counting views on videos, which should give marketers a better idea of how many people watch their clips. Previously, Instagram videos and photos were measured only in the form of "hearts" and comments.

  • Facebook Is Now Offering Automatic Captions for Videos
    Facebook will begin offering two lines of automated captions in branded videos for free. The addition could be a new way for marketers to still use the silent autoplay feature while getting more messaging across.


  • AdWords Automated Bidding Gets An Overhaul: Welcome, Portfolio Bid Strategies
    Search bidding has changed for the better. The automated concept has now been thrown and the “portfolio” bid strategy is now here. Basically you can now set new multiple CPA strategies at ad group level. You will also be able to do this at campaign level instead of Shared Library. This new tool will allow us to target more so for clients campaigns and give more information about “conversions" to clients



  • A better mobile experience
    Google is in the process to improve mobile experience across the digital space particularly around mobile ads.