22nd April 2016


  • Facebook F8 Annual Conference - Key Takeouts
    The annual Facebook conference took place last week. There were 8 key takeouts from the event which can be found in the link. I have listed the ones I found most interesting.
    Facebook Live - This was talked about in the April 8th newsletter. Live streaming will now be available on Facebook.
    Facebook Messenger shopping and chatbots - People will soon be able to buy things automatically through Messenger and will be able to do so by talking to chatbots setup by each company.
    Instant articles - Publishers like NZHerald will now be able to publish articles straight onto Facebook instead of redirecting to their website. This will greatly shorten loading time. Check out Stuff's FB page as they have begun using them for all their articles.

  • Poncho Cat - Facebook Chatbot
    Click the link above to chat with Poncho the cat about the weather. What a time to be alive!



  • The End Of Header Bidding?
    Header bidding has improved predictions included in GDN. Google will bring in the real-time bids of a publisher’s outside exchange partners to its dynamic allocation product.