24th June 2016


  • Facebook to Debut Canvas Organic Page Posts
    Facebook’s Canvas full-screen immersive ad product will be made available for organic page posts June 22 (available now).

  • Facebook Adds More Tools for Branded Content in Instant Articles
    For those that have been reading the newsletter weekly, you will know what Branded Content and Instant Articles are but for those that don't, go back and read the old newsletters. Facebook will be adding Branded Content in Instant Articles and it will pretty much look like a sponsored article that you can find on NZ Herald (Screenshots can be found in the link).




  • Doubleclick updates
    Reminder that from June 30 onwards, Google will no longer accept Flash creatives to be uploaded to DoubleClick. Also, naming conventions such as HTML5 banner and Image will be changed to Display on DoubleClick. Lastly, Flash creatives will no longer run on display in a Flash format through GDN and DoubleClick starting January 2 2017.