26th February 2016


  • Snapchat Geofilters
    Us agency folks have been waiting patiently for Snapchat to mature and start working with brands rather than against them. This week this came to fruition as they announced the global availability of their geo filters from a brand and a community perspective. Great news for both users and brands.

  • Facebook Reactions Now Available Globally
    In what was one of the most highly anticipated moves in the social world, facebook has final rolled out its reactions on a global scale. This will be positive from a client perspective as there will be an improved gauge of sentiment towards content. Although this could have a negative impact if those involved in campaigns start counting ‘loves’ and ‘wows’ as opposed to the impact facebook campaigns have beyond social metrics.


  • Stop thinking about long-tail keywords and start focusing on searcher intent
    Finally an article outlining the importance of this process. For so long we receive preset build from clients in other countries, usually Australia, with long phrased keywords. As soon as you set up the campaign, you’ll find most keywords over 3 words have a low search volume. It's more about intent and trying to really think what the customer would search for or what would I want to search for to see this content/ad? So moving forward, try to get across to client this intent. What do they really want their potential customers searching for and what keywords are going to produce the best results? Remember, outside the box thinking and misspellings are the best way to get best bang for your buck. If in doubt, reach out to the performance team and we are more than happy to help.


  • Forget Click-Through Rate: 10 Metrics To Track For Display Advertising
    A successful campaign can be easy enough to identify from a client’s perspective. If we sell more cars then we planned, the campaign is a success! but the real question for us is what was it about this campaign that made it a success? Understanding which metrics fit best for each part of the funnel is key to tackling this question.