30th September 2016


  • Facebook Beefing Up Canvas
    Canvas ads will now be able to run 360 videos. Also Canvas was initially available only for website clicks and website conversions but now been expanded to further objectives including brand awareness and video views.


  • New Google Updates
    Session quality score - The new session quality score built in to Analytics uses machine learning to “predict the likelihood of a visitor making a transaction (purchase) on your site or app.” The metric then makes it possible to remarket to those visitors deemed high-value.
    Tag Manager integrations with 20 more data sources (includes Quantcast, Twitter, Bing, Nielsen and others)

  • New in Search
    Cross-device remarketing for remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA). Following on the news earlier in the week that display retargeting is now available across devices, Dischler announced that RLSA targeting can also now occur across devices.
    Launch of demographic targeting for search ads. This has been in beta for some time now. Demographic targeting will be rolling out generally, allowing advertisers to target based on gender and age. Similar audiences for search are now in open beta.



  • IAB update
    IAB has introduced new guidelines to accommodate virtual reality, vertical video, emoji, stickers and 360-degree video ads as well as new screen sizes.