2017 Trend Round Up

Bulletin #1

Curated by: Ankit Sehgal
Head of Performance

Virtual experience economy

2017 sees VR, AR and MR become even more mainstream - but will this just be more technology for technology's sake?

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Curated by: Emma Bolser
Managing Director

Mindfulness goes mainstream

Mindfulness continues to be on the agenda; are we in a post-mindful world to cope with post-truth?

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Curated by: Chantelle Hurndell
Client Services Director

Connected world; privacy agenda

There is a growing divide between those using encrypted services, and others who think there is no privacy at all.

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Curated by: Vanessa Williams
Client Services Director

AI convenience culture

The desire for speed or convenience is not new; what is new is the tech applications accelerating this trend.

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