Bulletin #5

The Meeker Report: the 'world's most important report on internet trends' has been published for 2017.


If there is one report entrepreneurs, investors, digital marketers, and corporate aficionados await with great anticipation, it is Mary Meeker’s evaluation of internet trends, The Meeker Report. It's a state of the nation of the internet (and everything related); if you read one digital prediction piece each year, arguably this should be the one you prioritise.

Highlights from the report:

  • Smartphone ownership is hitting saturation while personal mobile use grows (the average American spends 3 hours a day using mobile)
  • 2017 is the year international digital ad spend will overtake TV (this happened in NZ in 2016)
  • Google and Facebook are powerhouses controlling a growing 85% of digital ad spend
  • Nearly 400M worldwide are using ad-blockers
  • Digital E-commerce is booming; conversely digital applications are evolving to drive physical visitation
  • The visual web is evolving; Voice search/ control is entering mainstream
  • Growing online gaming, music streaming, video streaming, chat services. Brands such as Netflix and Spotify have disrupted media in a short timeframe
  • Big data is bigger! Humans created 14 zettabytes of info in 2016!
  • Specifics regarding growing powerhouses of China and India

An Ikon Point of View – Victoria Parsons, Strategy Director

I'm a voracious trend report reader. The Meeker Report is a much-anticipated release and gets significant internet chat. While the numbers (mostly US) are not so important, what’s telling is the growth (largely exponential) we’re seeing in many of themes covered.

We’ve talked to most clients about the visual web, particularly voice search. This is where we expect noticeable short-term change as the heavy-weights fight it out . Last week Apple unveiled HomePod which indicates the home assistant (rather than mobile assistant) is where we'll see the most innovation.

This report has insight into every internet enabled application. What personally interests me is developments in physicality: tech understanding and responding to where you physically are. While e-commerce is growing, it's telling to see ‘near me’ applications featured that drive visitation to physical stores/ sales. Snap’s recent purchase of Placed suggests digital measurability through to sales will be an expectation going forward.

It's a detailed read (355 charts), but worth the time if you can spare it…. So go grab a cup of tea and settle in for a good read or simply a five minute skim with a summary.


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