Connected world; privacy agenda


AS The World becomes more connected there is a growing divide between those who only want to use encrypted services, and others who have given up; thinking there is no privacy at all.

Although privacy has been debated for some time, the heat of the debate is only set to increase.

On one hand there are people siloing social networks; deciding who can view what aspects of their lives. Most major messaging apps now offer end-to-end encryption and some even have it as the default setting.

And then at the other extreme are people who more than happy for the government to have full access to their internet usage to help fight crime or terrorism. The 'if I do nothing wrong, I have nothing to hide' concept. I don't think they're being altruistic, perhaps they they just accept they're powerless to stop something that is already happening.

And to this point, who are we protecting our information from? Given that more than half of people do not know what tracking information their devices send to various companies or what it is used for, it seems that those who provide you with the best encryption also collect the most information about you. So you might be blocking one party, but giving more data to another....

It's a tad concerning which is why people feeling strongly about it, and feel powerless to stop many aspects of it.

It's not just internet use, AI developments and the 'Internet of Things' clearly bring new privacy concerns . When devices are constantly 'listening' for commands, is this being recorded? And if so, it is being retained?

Companies will need to develop better ways to communicate how they use and share consumers' data and build trust around that value exchange. Otherwise the risk is consumers turning off if the relationship makes them powerless with no opportunity to opt in or out.

The third option, is for people to act like me, turning mass social off, craving a bit more simplicity in a busy life.